• No Parents/carers of the over 5's on site. 

  • If Parents/carers of 5's and under wish to wait on site (only 1 adult per student & preferably no siblings/other children due to very limited space) you will be required to wear a face covering and remain socially distanced in the designated waiting areas until the end of class. You will then be called in to to collect your child and leave from the fire exit at the rear of the building. Please do this as quickly as possible to allow the next class to start on time.

  • Temperatures will be taken on arrival.

  • Everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival.

  • Students should arrive dressed ready to dance to limit the amount of unnecessary items brought onto site but please ensure they have outdoor shoes to put on at the end of class as dance shoes will get ruined if worn outside.

  • Masks are not recommended while dancing and staff will not be wearing a mask while teaching but everyone aged over 11 must wear a mask to enter, leave and while moving around the building.

  • No refreshments will be available, students must bring their own named water bottle.

  • There will be a one way in and out system in place. Students are to wait (socially distanced) at the front door until a member of staff lets them in and directs them to their dance space. After class, the students will leave from the fire exit door at the rear of the building and walk to the front (monitored at all times by staff) Parents/Carers are asked to wait at the front of the building not at the rear. 

  • Please ensure you arrive and collect your child on time, there is not enough space to accommodate early arrivals or late pick ups.

  • Toilets will be regularly checked and cleaned. Only 1 person in at a time.

  • Students will have a minimum of a 2 metre square dance space and will be regularly reminded to keep apart during class. 

  • Please be aware that students who are 5 years old and under will not be expected to maintain social distancing in class, staff members will try to keep a safe distance but with younger ones this will not always be possible.

  • Our COVID-19 risk assessment is available on request.

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