The Highstone Dance Academy

"Dancing is fun, so that's the way we teach it!"

The Highstone Dance Academy is a thriving and well established school of dance, founded in May 1989.
We cover Barnet, Hadley Wood & Potters Bar, offering over 30 classes a week in various dance styles for all age groups from 2.5 year olds to adults.
At Highstone Dance Academy students have the option of being entered for I.S.T.D. examinations. Students are also encouraged to participate in displays, professional shows, charity fund-raising events and dance workshops with professional stage performers. All classes are taught by I.S.T.D. qualified teachers with a wide range of dance experience.
We are the only school in the area to supply the dance troupe every year to Jordon Productions for the Wyllyotts professional Christmas Pantomime.
The Highstone Dance Academy is not just a place to dance, over the years it has established itself as a special community that welcomes everyone of all ages, regardless of their ability and ambitions.